Tiril Sjåstad Christiansen joins the North Team

It is a great privilege for us to announce our newest member of the North Athletic Team, Tiril Sjåstad Christiansen. She is a professional freeskier from Geilo, Norway who has won the World Cup in slopestyle and is a 4-times X-Games medalist.

Tiril is a fun and super positive person who surrounds herself with happy & positive people, great nature, and healthy food. She is a natural on skis, skiing from a very young age and grew up in a skiing family. Her energy spreads to the people around her and she already has a ski park in her hometown named after her. The trampoline is an important part of her training and a great tool to work out new tricks for the championships.

She will be part of North Trampolines exhibit on WinterShow in Stockholm October 22-23 together where the all new Athlete olympic size trampoline will be featured.