Welcome to the family, Anders Svensson!

North trampoline loves football – and Anders Svensson. Anders Svensson grew up in Gothenburg, Sweden, and started playing football at the age of four. Being one of Swedens most valuable footballers, and the most capped player in the national team, he has done tons for Swedish football abroad.

As of this spring he is a part of the North family, through the campaign “North loves football”, and we couldn’t be more excited.

We gave him a call to ask what’s up.

Why football?

– Football has always been a big interest in my family. I started playing when I was around four y/o, following my older brother to practice. Guldhedens IK was my first team.

Why midfielder?

– I’ve played other positions as well but I suppose being a midfielder came naturally for me. I have always wanted to be the playmaker and think that I read the game quite well.

Why Elfsborg?

– Elfsborg brought me in when IFK Göteborg didn’t. In Elfsborg I could improve my game and today I’m an Elfsborg player at heart.


Anders Svensson at the shoot for North campaign "North Trampoline loves football"
Anders Svensson at the shoot for North campaign “North Trampoline loves football”

Why #8?

– Number 8 wasn’t my number until the world cup in Japan 2002. I guess that was when I got my big international breakthrough. Since then I have wanted to be associated with the number 8.

Football idol as a kid?

– Mikael Laudrup. He is still one of my favorite players. He is also the one football player I would like to think I resemble.

Favorite player today?

– Hard question! But I think I have to say Lionel Messi. I like a lot of footballers but Messi is out of this world. He’s done stuff that one shouldn’t be able to do. Very entertaining to watch. Xavi is another one. He is the player that always knows his next moves not to mention his passes. Xavi is like a conductor. I also like Therese Sjögren, she’s great. I think she and I have a similar way of playing.

Favorite type of football?

– I grew up with English football and I still enjoy it. There is a high tempo and players are not afraid of contact. Premier league feels like honest, proper football.

Best advice?

– Have fun. Try and spend as much time as you possibly can doing different kinds of sports. The time will come when you have to choose one sport over the other but until then: just try and enjoy whatever sport you prefer. Because the more you enjoy practice, the more time you will put into it. And we all know that practice makes perfect.

You are the most capped player in the Swedish national team – what does that feel like?

– Obviously, I’m both proud and flattered to have been able to play that many games (148). But records are set to be beaten so we’ll see for how long I will hold this one. But I’m proud, for sure.

North Trampoline introducing Anders Svensson.
North Trampoline introducing Anders Svensson.