Our team consists of amazing athletes who are incredibly good at what they do. But they are more than just great athletes, they are role models for the younger generation who are just about to start exploring the world of action sports. They have healthy values and a passion to inspire young people.
Together we build a generation of great athletes.

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6 tips for safe jumping

One at a time

Multiply jumper increase the risk of injury. Often the younger ones are the ones that get hurt.

Learn the basics

Take the time to learn the basics of jumping. This will give you control and build confidence

Keep items away

Empty your pockets and keep toys outside of the trampoline. These can otherwise damage the jump mat and cause.

Clear beneath

Make sure no pets, items or small children are underneath the trampoline when someone is jumping. We recommend buying a lower safety net to help you out


Keep an eye on youngsters to ensure their safe jumping.

Regular trampoline check

Check your trampoline often. Make sure the foamed is not torn and safety net does not have have holes in them.