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60 Minutes of Movement Saves Lives

Active play – a real life saver

Today, more and more children are overweight and both physical and mental illnesses affect young people. The remedy to this new bug of sedentary lifestyle might be both cheaper and more available than we first knew. With only 60 minutes of active play each day we can cure the great health hazards that sedentary brings.

New research shows that Swedish four-year-old’s spend almost half of their waking time sitting still and only three out of ten adolescents reach the recommended one hour of physical activity each day.

With reduced physical activity as well as increased sedentary lifestyle, scientists are worried about the developments we see in children’s health as well as the wellness of society. According to scientists in the fields of health, diet and overall well-being, the combination of unhealthy eating habits and not enough physical activity might be one of todays greatest health hazards; with diseases such as depression, type 2 diabetes, dementia and osteoporosis, to name a few.

However, the cure might not cost you more than a breath of fresh air. Studies show that 12 minutes of physical activity before class can increase one’s ability to concentrate and learn. It’s also fun!

Everyone, young and old, benefits from exercise and other physical activity but for children with concentration and/or learning disabilities it might be a life changer. All sorts of physical activities have proven to have a positive impact on children exposed to stress.

Healthy habits start early. Take the stairs, ride a bike to pre-school and play with your kids. At least, that’s what the scientists recommend.



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