About North

About North

North Trampoline was established in the year 2012.
We have made it our mission to make the safest and most high-end trampolines out there for you to enjoy.

At North Trampoline safety and quality is our foundation. Therefor, we have a great team of swedish engineers and designers working together to develop and continuously improve each product to its full potential. 


Made For Greatness

We believe that people are created for adventure. North Trampoline began with a vision to encourage the greatness within. Our products are of the highest quality and designed with your safety in mind so that when you jump you are free to reach new heights!

The attention to detail in our robust products ignites the bouncer with the confidence to boldly and safely practise tricking, tumbling and aerial acrobatics. We’ve seen how bouncing can bring out the wild and bold side in our athletes, it’s pretty awesome!

Our dedicated team delivers customer service that is above and beyond. We want you to feel safe, secure and free in your purchase with us.


Join us on the adventure!

Every day, nature invites us into its boundless playground and North Trampoline want to provide an experience that brings you closer to the mountains and limitless skies with each bounce.

Why jump on a North?

North Team Athlete Tiril Sjåstad Christianses, multiple x-games medalist and on the Norwwegian Nationa Team tells us why she jumps using North Trampoline.



Our 4 foundational values are


1. Never to compromise with performance. We want you to live life to the fullest.
2. To only design something that we would use and let our own children use.
3. To fulfil and exceed the toughest safety rules. All of our products have been independently tested and certified (TUV & CE) by independent world leading institutes. 
4. To take responsibility for the environment. The products you buy are made to last a lot longer than a cheaper trampoline. It is made so that the material is utilized in the best possible way whilst at the same time cutting down on unnecessary transport. We have one earth, let us take care of it. You are buying a trampoline that is produced and thoroughly tested to jump better, last longer and be more safe than the average trampoline. Who really wants to be average anyway?