North Trampoline – the Best and Safest Trampolines 

Trampolines from North Trampoline are designed with focus on quality, safety and bounce properties that’s something else. At North Trampoline, you will find both round, oval and rectangular shaped trampolines – we have a trampoline for both bouncy kids and active parents.

North Trampoline is Safety

Throughout, the trampolines from North Trampoline are equipped with the unique safety system HPS, Horizon Protection System, which adds a new dimension of safety. This means that the jumper does not get stuck in the springs.
A North Trampoline Safety net is one of the tallest nets on the market with its 190 centimeters, making it almost impossible for children to jump over. The Safety net overlaps the padding, stopping the user from falling down between padding and net.

One Trampoline to fit all

North Trampoline has a large range of trampolines to fulfil your every need. Do you know what kind of trampoline you are looking for? Do you prefer a round or an oval trampoline? Do you like the bounce soft or springy?
Please read our FAQ under ‘Stories’ for more information and advice for your upcoming purchase of a North Trampoline.

We love Trampolines – do you?

We like to share pictures and edits from our customers on our social media. Nothing makes us happier than seeing someone enjoying their North Trampoline. Maybe you’ve come up with a creative way of making the trampoline blend into your garden or filmed your kids using the trampoline like only children can? Either way, we would love to see it! Don’t hesitate to post your experiences on our Facebook or Instagram. Any further questions or inquiries? Please contact us.