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Trampoline North Pioneer

★★★★★ ★★★★★ 8 reviews

  • Perfect entry model for active families
  • Superior safety and soft bounce
  • Multiple shapes, colors and sizes
50% off the North JumpGames when you buy a North Pioneer!

What trampoline size should I choose? 

To maximize your jumping experience and your fun, we always recommend choosing one of our larger sizes.

If you are short of space, there are also smaller sizes to fit your garden.

Round, oval or square? 

What shape is best for tricks. Or for children?

The classic round shape gives a large and playful jumping surface.
The oval shape offers outstanding performance and an elongated jumping surface that is well suited for tricks and acrobatics.
The rectangular models are aimed at jumpers who want the very best performance!


Where we deliver
Currently we deliver to the following countries:
Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Estonia, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain.

If you live in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Denmark or Finland, you can shop directly from their local websites.

Delivery time
If the goods are in stock, the delivery time is estimated to 2-7 working days (only Monday to Friday).
If we receive your order by 11.00 am, the shipment will be handed over to the shipping company the same day (Monday to Friday).

Delivery costs
Trampolines and accessories/spare parts
(more than 200 € order value)
49 EUR

Accessories and spare parts
(less than 200 € order value)
29 EUR

Delivery method
The delivery of our goods is carried out by third parties (forwarding agents and parcel services). All of this is beyond our control and warranty.
Note, smaller parcels can be sent by mail, and then picked up at the nearest postal representative.

For questions about the delivery, please contact us, info@northtrampoline.com


  • Superior Safety
  • Round or oval
  • Tailored colors
  • Soft bounce
  • Excellent quality








North Trampoline’s Pioneer model is perfect for playful activity for the whole family - from the smallest child to the grandparent who dares to have fun with their grandchildren! 


Because safety is a top concern, we strive to go above and beyond required regulations to ensure every jumper can have fun without concern for injury. The North Trampoline Pioneer includes:

  • Zero Hard Contact Zones
  • Fully Covered Springs
  • Wrap-Around Easy Entrance
  • Self-Directing Shaped Net

 North Safety Systems 


The Pioneer comes in the traditional circle shape as well as an oval shape, offering affordable options to cater to the needs of your space!

  • Round – spacious and playful
  • Oval – easy fit in your garden



North Trampoline’s Pioneer is offered in 4 colors that will make the trampoline look fantastic in your garden.

  • Black
  • Petrol
  • Neo Mint
  • Coral


We’ve listened to our smallest jumpers and are introducing soft bounce. Soft bounce invites to more play on the North Pioneer trampolines. But don’t worry, it’s not too soft - the trampoline can withstand up to 110 kg.

  • Tailored spring tension for a soft bounce experience

 North Performance Systems


North Trampoline Pioneer is designed to last, and for a long period of time! The Pioneer is approved up to 110 kg and tested to 600 kg.

  • Three layered protective antirust coating
  • UV protected frame padding for long durability
  • Chromium 6 free springs
  • Always stretched safety net



Hi We have been brilliantly satisfied with both the delivery and the product. The operating instructions that came with it for installation can be sharpened a bit more. Better and clearer marking of the individual parts, including specification of possible pitfalls. Since you have posted a video of how the trampoline was to be mounted and it was very good, the assembly still went very well.

Originally written in Norwegian, translated by Google

Christian B


Overall very good. Quite easy to assemble i did it on my own and it took around 4 hours to complete with the recommended 2 persons it would be much quicker. I would definitely recommend i was recommended to North by a friend 5 Stars.

Simon H


The trampoline is great. Our boys love it and don't want to use it on any other trampoline in the neighborhood. The setup was so far just from the safety net, the instructions could have been a little more specific. Otherwise great quality in everything.

Originally written in German, translated by Google

Harry J


If you are looking for a trampoline I can surely recommend North Trampoline. We ordered this Pioneer a few weeks ago and the kids love it And I do too. It is very solid and good quality. The most important criteria I had when choosing a trampoline was safety. The kids had already been on a North Trampoline during our summer vacation last year and it was then that I decided that if I would buy a trampoline it would be from North Trampoline. There was a minor default on a stitch of the padding on one side. I sent an email to the customer service. They replied very fast were very friendly and helpful and sent us a new padding to replace it. So perfect customer service too In short: Very happy with my choice

Madeleine L


We are so happy with our trampoline Rejäl and feel safe for our children. We first received the wrong delivery, but it was handled perfectly with both contact with the company and delivery of the right package. 10/10

Originally written in Swedish, translated by Google

Lina F


Great product. Super customer service accidental double order canceled without any problems. Delivery smoothly. The only downside is maybe the construction video, which is actually good, but one or the other detail is not exactly explained.

Originally written in German, translated by Google

Alexander B


Fantastic product. Very solid and easy installation. It is important to follow the instructions carefully as it will go fast. Incredibly solid frame. Suitable for small children and adults as well

Originally written in Norwegian, translated by Google



We are very happy with the trampoline the whole family. Fast delivery and it was easy to assemble using the video.

Originally written in Swedish, translated by Google

Anna W

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Top features

Discover the key points

Trampoline North Pioneer





Pioneer Oval
Model Pioneer 350 Pioneer 420 Pioneer 500
Length / width (m) 3,5 x 2,45 4,2 x 2,95 5,0 x 3,45
Jumping area (m2) 3,5 6 8,7
Height trampoline / safety net (cm) 85 / 185 90 / 185 95 / 185
Weight (kg) 85 106 119
Numbers of springs 56 72 88
Frame pad width / thickness (mm) 360 / 15 360 / 15 360 / 15
Toprail diameter / thickness (mm) 42 / 1,8 50 / 2 50 / 2
Leg diameter / thickness (mm) 42 / 1,5 42 / 1,5 42 / 1,5
Rec. maximum user weight (kg) 110 110 110
Tested up to (kg) 600 600 600
Ladder included No No No
Box 1 size (cm , kg) 129 x 55 x 30 , 47 154 x 55 x 34 , 65 177 x 55 x 34 , 77
Box 2 size (cm , kg) 126 x 55 x 19 , 44 150 x 55 x 16 , 48 174 x 55 x 14 , 50
CE certified Yes Yes Yes
Test Certified TÜV TÜV TÜV
Pioneer Round
Model Pioneer 300 Pioneer 360 Pioneer 430
Width (m) 3 3,6 4,3
Jumping area (m2) 4 6 8,7
Height trampoline / safety net (cm) 85 / 185 90 / 185 95 / 185
Weight (kg) 68 90 103
Numbers of springs 54 72 88
Frame pad width / thickness (mm) 360 / 15 360 / 15 360 / 15
Toprail diameter / thickness (mm) 42 / 1,8 42 / 1,8 42 / 1,8
Leg diameter / thickness (mm) 42 / 1,5 42 / 1,5 42 / 1,5
Rec. maximum user weight (kg) 110 110 110
Tested up to (kg) 600 600 600
Ladder included No No No
Box 1 size (cm , kg) 161 x 55 x 35 , 71 149 x 55 x 32 , 51 178 x 55 x 34 , 62
Box 2 size (cm , kg) Only one box 151 x 55 x 14 , 46 174 x 55 x 14 , 49
CE certified Yes Yes Yes
Test Certified TÜV TÜV TÜV

Assembly video & Manual




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